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PCB Layout


Layer16 provides exceptional PCB layout services. Our expertise covers minimizing layer count for high-volume low cost products to 30+ layer complex boards. We have the experience and training to correctly design noise sensitive sections of the design.

We provide specialist design solutions covering all aspects of PCB layout embracing the following board technologies, including:

  • Single, double,multi-layer
  • Backplanes
  • Flexi & flexi-rigid
  • Analogue and digital
  • Blind & buried Micro-Vias,
  • Stacked Micro-Via Impedance controlled
  • Matched lengths / timings
  • Differential / balanced pairs
  • Crosstalk Timing controlled
  • Signal integrity Analysis
  • PCB Simulation

Signal Integrity

The classic PCB design methodology of creating a schematic, placing components, routing traces and then verifying/testing the design with a number of prototype iterations results in delays. These delays are no longer acceptable in today's environment of time-to-market pressure.

Our PCB design methodology will ensure product performance, time-to-market, unit cost and manufacturing yield requirements are met.Layer 16 will simulate to provide a 'right first time' guarantee in the critical areas of impedence, crosstalk and signal integrity.This exercise will remove the impact of rework on cost and time scales. Our simulation results will allow design steps to be taken that significantly reduce design risk.

Pre & Post PCB System Level Signal Integrity

- Timing and crosstalk analysis
- Topology and termination strategies
- Guideline generation
- Margin analysis (SI and Timing)
- Stackup and routing guidelines
- Decoupling and power delivery analysis
- Ball/bump/pad assignment
- Design reviews for good engineering practices

Typical work includes

-Working with customers to develop and understand system environment
- Developing critical signal quality checks
- Identify critical timing requirements
- Build libraries (IO buffers, Interconnect, Package, Connectors)
- 2-D/3D electromagnetic modeling
- Pre-/post-layout power system design and analysis
- I/O buffer selection
- Topology and termination definition
- Clock system design/review
- Pre-layout solution space analysis
- Define decoupling strategy
- Develop physical and electrical design rulesPost-layout verification
- Power integrity analysis

ROHS and EOL Re-Design

Restriction on Hazardous Substances (RoHS) also known as Lead-Free Design and End-Of-Life (EOL) Redesign are two related areas of expertise Layer16 can provide to your company.

RoHS Compliance Service

Europe's RoHS compliance deadline was July 1, 2006 this affected every company that sells product for use in Europe. California is also initiating its own version of RoHS which is expected to be implemented around January 2007. Other countries are joining in as well. Component manufacturers are already eliminating supply of parts that are not compliant and releasing new, sometimes incompatible, replacements.These legislative developments are creating a hard deadline at which point current products will become obsolete and difficult to manufacture due to unavailability of components. Many products will have to be terminated or re-designed to be compliant.

EOL Redesign Service

End-Of-Life issues affect all products over time. With RoHS regulations, this process has been accelerated for many products. However, outside of RoHS, many companies still experience EOL issues. By using parts brokers and grey-market sources, companies can continue to manufacture products based on obsolete components for some time. However, this cannot last forever. Layer16, working with our customers, has been able to demonstrate significant cost savings (parts, manufacturing, warranty, and support) as a result of replacing an aged design with a new one

CAD conversion

We have been in the CAD data conversion business for many years. That experience allows us know quickly and accurately what works and what doesn't work in CAD conversion. Our unsurpassed knowledge of CAD formats ensures you the highest quality conversion possible.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering of PCBs due to loss of filmwork or schematics is one of our specialties. We can handle complex multi-layer cards with our computerized net list generator and scanning process. We can usually create schematics , new layouts, artwork, and improvements to old, obsolete designs. New chips can be substituted and new features added. This includes fine-pitch, double sided, multilayer PCB'