Experts in PCB Design

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PCB Assembly

Layer 16 works with a variety of Fabrication and Assembly houses to provide the customer with quality, schedule, and pricing for designs done at Layer 16. While we don't fabricate or assemble boards ourselves, we do stand behind the work of the vendors we use. Each of our vendors has gone through a rigorous selection process, and provides only the highest quality services. We work closely with the fabrication and assembly houses on every design we do. This Design For Manufacture process works well to ensure that all designs leaving Layer 16 are easy to manufacture, and easy to assemble.

1. Procurement:
RoHS component guidance
Cost Reductions
Component Kitting
Supply Chain Management
2. Fabrication:
Multi Layer up to 24 Layers
Blind Via Technology
Micro Via Technology
Flexi Rigid Circuits & Flexi Circuits
Controlled / Differential Impedance
Bonded Heat Sinks
Excotic Materials
Far Eastern Manufacture
3. Assembly:
State-of-the-art assembly equipment
Single and double-sided SMT processes
Chip component size down to 0402
Fine and ultra fine pitch components
Ball Grid Array with X-ray laminography
Board thickness from .018" to 0.2"
Board size up to 18" x 20"
Device Programming
4. Quality:
In-Circuit Test
Functional Test
Power Elextronics Test Experience
Understanding of Networking/Datacom/Otptical test requirements